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Research on the Biology and Diseases of Ageing in Bordeaux

Une journée scientifique intitulée "Research on the Biology and Diseases of Ageing in Bordeaux" aura lieu à l'amphithéâtre du bâtiment BBS le 14 novembre. Les thèmes abordés lors de cette journée seront la cardiologie, la neurologie, l'oncologie, l'immunologie/infectiologie et la santé publique en relation avec le vieillissement. Inscription gratuite mais obligatoire.

Amphithéâtre du bâtiment BBS, Campus Carreire


8h30 : WELCOME

9h00-9h10 : INTRODUCTION

9h10-10h10 : Session 1 – Cancer Development in Older People

Chairs: Bruno Cardinaud and Hamid Rezvani

·Pierre Soubeyran: Identification of ageing biomarkers for better tailoring of cancer treatment in older patients with lung cancer. Project CLASSE (7+3’)

·Catherine Sawai: Lineage tracing and ageing (10+5’)

·Sarah Duchamp: Genetic regulation of hematopoiesis during ageing (7+3’)

·Edith Chevret: Sézary cell, a neoplastic T-Cell of an older patient syndrome (7+3’)​​​​​

·Lucie Brisson or Thomas Mathivet : Biomarkers and therapeutic targets of brain tumours (7+3’)

10h10-11h10 : Session 2 – Neuroepidemiology of Ageing

Chairs: Catherine Helmer and Claire Roubaud

·Thierry Couffinhal: Research aspects of the IHU "Precision and global vascular brain health institute (VBHI)" (10+5’)

·Idris Dulau: Characterization of the retinal vascular network using a deep learning approach for the assessement of cerebro and cardiovascular health (7+3’)

·Ilana Caro: Proteogenomics in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma reveals new biological fingerprint of cerebral small vessel disease (7+3’)

·Cécilia Samieri: The B cube cohort: a new epidemiological research platform to study the brain aging exposome (10+5’)

·Catherine Helmer: Viral infections and neurodegenerative diseases (7+3’)


11h40-12h40 : Session 3 – Innovative Approaches for the Screening, Support and Management of Ageing

Chairs: Karine Pérès and Hélène Amieva

·Hélène Sauzeon : Digital technology to support healthy aging : Research examples on smart home and computerized cognitive training (10+5’)

·Pernelle Noize : Use and misuse of medications in elderly population (10+5’)

·Hélène Amieva : Experimental models of care and management in Alzheimer's disease: towards alternative models of nursing homes ? (10+5’)

·Bénédicte Merle : MacuTest a digital tool for prediction and prevention of age-related macular degeneration (7+3’)

12h40-13h10 Keynote lecture - Neurobiology

Jean-Christophe Delpech : Pathological and physiological aging and cognition : cellular and vesicular mechanisms (20+10’)

80min : LUNCH

14h40-15h40 : Session 4 – Immune Ageing and Vulnerability

Chairs: Julie Dechanet-Merville and Victor Appay

·Andrea Boizard-Moracchini: Immunomonitoring of older cancer patients (PREPARE) (10+5’)

·Isabelle Pellegrin : Immunomonitoring of older cancer patients (the PREPARE study) (10+5’)

·Victor Appay : COVID-19 severity and SARS-CoV-2 specific T cell responses (10+5’)

·Florent Guerville : Inflammageing and liver transplantation (7+3’)

·Claire Roubaud : Atybactage project (Atypical bacterial infections in older people) (7+3’)

·Noémie Gensous : Lupage project (Lupus and Immunosenescence) (7+3’)

15h40-16h40 : Session 5 – Ageing and Cardiovascular Disorders

Chairs: Thierry Couffinhal and Alain-Pierre Gadeau

·Marie Ange Renault: Cardiac pericytes are necessary to prevent cardiac inflammation and systolic dysfunction during ageing (10+5’)

·Mélody Dufossé: Acquired chromosomal abnormalities in hematopoietic cells during ageing: the example of Y chromosome mosaic losses (7+3’)

·Olivier Mansier: Role of clonal hematopoiesis of undetermined potential and Y chromosome losses in cardiovascular pathologies (10+5’)

·Ninon Foussard: ICAM1 overexpression impairs microvessel perfusion and ischemic limb recovery in the setting of diabetes (7+3’)


17h10-17h30 : Conclusion => La vue du philosophe : Maël Lemoine​​​​​​​

End of the day


Organizing committee

Nora Abrous, Hélène Amieva, Victor Appay, Thierry Couffinhal, Stéphanie Debette, Julie Dechanet Merville, Alain Pierre Gadeau, Catherine Helmer, Maël Lemoine, Vincent Planche, Isabelle Pellegrin, Hamid-Reza Rezvani, Claire Roubaud, Katie Sawaï, Pierre Soubeyran

Research on the Biology and Diseases of Ageing in Bordeaux