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Séminaire de Patrick Lomonte : "Epigenetic control of herpesvirus latency"

Patrick Lomonte, Institut NeuroMyoGène – Pathophysiology and Genetics of Neuron and Muscle (INMG-PGNM) interviendra le 9 mai à 14h en salle de conférence de l'IBGC, invité par Harald Wodrich (MFP).

Salle de conférence de l'IBGC, Campus Carreire,

Patrick Lomonte is a research director at CNRS and deputy head of the Institute NeurMyoGene – Physiopathology of Neurons and Muscles (CNRS UMR5261, INSERM U1315 and University Claude Bernard Lyon). He directs the team of Chromatin dynamics, nuclear domains, virus ( research focus is on one hand trying to understand the role of nuclear domains, especially PML nuclear bodies in chromatin organization linked to inflammation, on the other hand he studies how such mechanisms determine viral latency. His model of choice is the neurotropic herpes simplex viruses (HSV1) and how chromatin regulation and inflammation influence viral persistence/reactivation, neuroinflammation and neuronal decay.

 He will present his latest research on the role of chromatin structure in the control of viral latency entitled: Epigenetic control of herpesvirus latency